Day Tickets

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Are you planning to use public transport a lot on the same day? It can be worth checking if you could save some money. A day ticket allows you to make unlimited journeys on one day.


Day Tickets are valid between 04:00h and 04:00h the following night. These times also apply when buying the ticket while the day has already begun.

Day tickets are valid in RET’s metro’s, busses, and trams. The only exceptions are night buses (BOB-bus) and the fast ferry. Note that trains and most regional buses are being operated by other companies. However, within Rotterdam, most of the services belong to the RET network.

When using a day ticket, you will have to ‘touch in’ and out. You can read how this works here.


At the time of writing, the RET day ticket costs € 8,50 euro. This price applies when buying at a vending machine or in the RET Barcode App. Customers, who purchase tickets at the counter pay an additional fee of € 0,50 euro.


One of the other options to the day ticket is the 2-Hour-TicketTwo of these tickets are cheaper than one day ticket. Do your travel plans fit within two periods of two hours? Then, the 2-Hour-Tickets might be a better option. On the other hand, day tickets give more freedom to travel when you want.

Points of Sale

Day tickets can be bought at vending machines in metro stations, and at the Airport. There are also vending machines in the stores called ‘Primera’ and ‘Tabac & Gifts’. Another option is to buy the ticket digitally, via the RET Barcode App (Android or Apple).

All kinds of tickets are available at RET’s Service Stores during their opening hours. An additional fee applies.

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