Christmas Markets in Rotterdam

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It’s the last month of the year, and Rotterdam is full of Christmas spirit. Lights and decoration adorn the streets, and in many places, you can find decorated Christmas trees. Now you can get in the Christmas mood too.

This holidays season, Rotterdam offers many Christmas markets. Find great gifts, shop Christmas decorations, or warm-up yourselves with a hot meal or some mulled wine. We listed most Christmas markets that you can find in Rotterdam this November and December.

This seasons Christmas markets

We start off with some Scandinavian Christmas Markets. The Scandinavian ‘sailor’s churches’ in the city organize traditional markets with Scandinavian Christmas products and cultural food.

Norwegian Christmas market

In the Norwegian Church (Sjømannskirken) you can visit their yearly Christmas market that has a cosy atmosphere. At the market, you can eat typical Norwegian foods such as smørbrød and buy gifts and stuff to decorate your house. Among the products, there are Norwegian sweaters, jewellery, and craftsmen work. The market will be held November 7-10th, and 16-17th.

Swedish Christmas market

The traditional Swedish Christmas market will be held in the Scottish Church. At the market, you have the opportunity to buy Christmas decorations, such as glass decorations, cards, clothes and much more. The market will be held November 22-23rd.

Finnish Christmas market

Every year, The Finnish House (Suomen Merimieskirkko) organises the Finnish Christmas market. The market will be held in November 21-24th, and from November 28th till December 1st.

Danish Christmas market

A few minutes walk from metro station Coolhaven, you’ll find the Danish church Sømandskirken. Here you can experience the Danish ‘julehygge’ (Christmas cosiness). Enjoy typical Danish food and drinks, like Danish pastry and breads. And there is the possibility to do some Christmas shopping. The entrance is free of charge, and the profit will be donated to the church. You can visit the Danish Christmas Market on November 15-17th, and November 23-24th.

Winter Fair

The Winter Fair is an indoor winter event which takes place annually in Ahoy. It is a nice day out for all ages. There are many stands with Christmas decorations and refreshments, workshops to follow and shows, or demonstrations to attend. This year, the Winter Fair is held from 5 till 8 December. The entrance fee is approximately 15 Euro.

Christmas market at Trompenburg Gardens

This year a Christmas market with approximately 50 stands will be held in Trompenburg Gardens. Here you can purchase Christmas decorations, clothes, wickerwork and much more. Refreshments will be sold at the market and the cafe. The Christmas market at the Trompenburg Gardens is held 13-15th December. Entrance is approximately 10 Euro.