Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam

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In May 2020, The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam. After a long ‘battle’ between Maastricht and Rotterdam, the Dutch broadcasters Avrotros and NPO decided that Rotterdam will the host city for worlds largest music event.

The bid of the municipality of Rotterdam is accepted as the best bid. Rotterdam is a metropolis and has a lot to offer to the many visitors. Also, the city has a perfect infrastructure for such a large event. The Hague/Rotterdam Airport is nearby and the metro takes spectators all the way to next year’s Eurovision location: Ahoy.

The location, Ahoy, is the biggest convention centre in The Netherlands and is a perfect place for such a big event and tv-production. The location is already home to many large festivals, conferences, and sports events.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international music festival with almost 200 million viewers every year. Last year, 4.5 million Dutch viewers watched the Grand Final and saw how Duncan Laurence got the most votes and won the contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May in 2020. It’s the 65th edition.

The theme of ESC 2020 is “Open Up“. The slogan tells what Rotterdam stands for; a city with an open mind to the world.

Jeangu Macrooy will represent The Netherlands in 2020 in Rotterdam for the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. This singer-songwriter is originally from Paramaribo, Surinam and has been working on his musical career since 2014.

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Location Eurovision 2020

The Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted in Ahoy. It is the largest event complex in The Netherlands. The largest hall in the convention centre offers space for 15,000 spectators. Because of the fact that there are multiple halls, Ahoy is a perfect location for the Eurovision Song Contest. The events requires space for a green room and a large press center that are close to the stage.

Ahoy Event Complex

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