Metro Line D

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Metro Line D

Metro line D runs between De Akkers in the village Spijkenisse, and the Central Station in Rotterdam. The metro has also stops Hoogvliet, Rhoon and Poortugaal. In the old days, the line had the names ‘North-South Line’ and ‘Erasmuslijn’. Line D runs 4-12 times per hour and is designated with the turquoise colour. During rush hours some of the trains only run between Slinge and the Central Station.

The route of line D

Starting at the De Akkers, the metro first has some stops in Spijkenisse, Hoogvliet, Poortugaal and Rhoon.

In Rotterdam, the first stop is Slinge, in the Pendrecht district. The next stop is Zuidplein, where many passengers change between bus and metro. Zuidplein is also close to convention centre Ahoy. The metro then calls at Maashaven, Rijnhaven and Wilhelminaplein. The stop Wilhelminaplein is close to ‘De Kop van Zuid’ and the Cruise Terminal.

On the northern embankment, the first metro station is Leuvehaven. One can exit there for the Spido harbour tour. At Beurs, there is a connection to tram lines and metro lines A, B and C. Metro station Beurs, is situated in the heart of the city centre, the shopping centre ‘Beurstraverse’ (De Koopgoot) is situated at the northern exit of the station.

The last two stations are Stadhuis and the Central Station. At Stadhuis, one can exit for the City Hall, the Stadhuisplein or the shopping streets Lijnbaan and Korte Lijnbaan. At the Central Station, there are connections to trams, trains, local busses and international busses. Passengers that want to continue in the direction of the Rotterdam Airport or The Hague can switch to metro line E.

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