View the Dutch windmills

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‘The windmills of Kinderdijk’ is one of the best-known tourist sites in The Netherlands, especially since it became UNESCO world heritage in 1997. Nineteen traditional windmills from around the year 1740 were built to drain a polder from water. Now tourists from all over the world visit Kinderdijk to see this typical Dutch landscape.

One can get to the windmills by taking a ferry or bus. But during the season several shipping companies organise day trips as well. People traveling on their own can take the bicycle or go by car. Near the entrance, there is a parking. Charges are €5,00 for cars and €2,50 for motorbikes.

The ferry to Kinderdijk

Walking over the dike along the windmills is free of charge. But a ticket offers access to two museum mills and an audiotour. You can also get tickets for a tour boats that sails along the mills for 30 minutes.

Five out of the nineteen traditional mills are seen here