Cruise Calendar Rotterdam

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Rotterdam has become a popular port for cruise ships. At Wilhelminakade – located near the bridge ‘Erasmusbrug‘ – huge cruise ships dock at the Cruise Port every week. The vessels come from all over the world.

Cruise Vessels
Regular ‘guests’ at the cruise port are AIDA’s ships and Holland America Line’s vessel ‘Rotterdam’ which has its ‘home’ here. Also, cruise ships from Norwegian, Costa, and Seven Seas bring tourists to the city regularly.

Cruising to Rotterdam is beloved by the passengers because of the fact that the ships moor in the middle of the city’s heart. And before the ships arrive in Rotterdam, they sail across the port area, which offers the passengers some interesting views. Finally, when the ships arrive in the city, the passengers get a nice view of the city’s skyline.

Watch the cruise ships
When the ships leave – and you are not one of the lucky passengers on board – you can see the ships depart from Wilhelminakade, Erasmusbrug or from Willemskade. Only passengers can visit the secured area at the Cruise Terminal, but next to the terminal there is a small park that is open for everyone.

When the ships depart – ‘the sail away’ – there are usually many people around watching the ship depart from the city center. Most times the captains blow the horn several times and the passengers wave to the people standing on the quay and bridge. It’s fun to watch and see some vessels turn on the narrow river. Big vessels will depart backward and will make the turn on a later moment.