NN Marathon Rotterdam

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Every year thousands of runners join the Marathon of Rotterdam. The beautiful route along the iconic Erasmusbrug, the loop around Kralingse Plas and the finish at Coolsingel make this marathon to an experience you won’t forget.

The Marathon of Rotterdam has been held annually since the first edition in 1981. As the course is quite flat, runners can achieve fast times. Twice has the world record been broken in Rotterdam, in 1985 and 1998.

Record holders

The NN Marathon is known as one of the fastest in the world. The record for the Rotterdam Marathon is currently set by Marius Kipserem (2:04:11 in 2019). The fastest time by a woman has set by Tiki Gelana (2:18:58 in 2012).


In the weekend of the Rotterdam Marathon, there are multiple runs with each a different distance.

– The 42,195km long NN Marathon Rotterdam starts at the foot of the Erasmusbrug and ends on the Coolsingel.
– The AA-Drink 1/4 Marathon is 10,55 km long starts on the Burgemeester van Walsumweg (near the Markthal).
AD City Run Rotterdam is 4,2 km and starts and finish on the Coolsingel.
– Children can participate in the NN Kids Run. Depending on the age, the distance is either 1 or 2,5 km.

All routes end at the Coolsingel, entirely according to the Marathon’s tradition.

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