Tweede Maasvlakte

In 2013, the harbour area of Rotterdam extended once again. As part of the largest civil engineering project in The Netherlands, Port of Rotterdam reclaimed five thousand acres of land from the sea. Now, this area houses large, industrial companies, and one of Hollands most excellent beaches.

Container Terminals

'Maasvlakte 2' is mainly dedicated to chemical industries and corporations that handle sea containers. The companies APM Terminals and Rotterdam World Gateway operate modern, fully-automated container terminals. Together, both terminals have a capacity of around 7 million standard-sized containers.

Unfortunately, container terminals are not open to visitors. However, there are various ways to get a good sense of what happens there. From FutureLand visitor centre you have a good view of APM's Terminal. And the FutureLand Ferry comes close by when sailing past different companies at Tweede Maasvlakte.

Maasvlakte Beach

Tweede Maasvlakte has been built on artificial ground. To claim the land, 365 million cubic metres had to be transported to the new location. The construction of Tweede Maasvlakte moved the border of The Netherlands westwards by around five kilometres.

As a result of the construction project, a whole new coastline emerged. This new coastline includes a large, artificial beach along its entire length. Especially on sunny days, many people visit the Maasvlakte Beach.

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