One of the most multi-cultural areas of Rotterdam can be found in the south of Rotterdam, in district Feijenoord. Afrikaanderwijk is known for the market on Afrikaanderplein, and the many cultures that are represented here.

History Afrikaanderwijk

The neighbourhood arose back in 1900, when the harbours in the south of Rotterdam were constructed. Most of the first inhabitants of the were people that came from the Dutch province 'Zeeland'.

Later, when there was a need for more dockworkers, many immigrants moved to Afrikaanderwijk. The neighbourhood became one of the first neighbourhoods in the country that had more residents with an international background, than Dutch people. Today the population of Afrikaanderwijk mainly consists of people with a Turkish, Moroccan, Surinam, or Antillean background.

Point of interests in Afrikaanderwijk

A central place in the neighbourhood is the square Afrikaanderplein. Every Wednesday and Saturday, one of Hollands largest markets can be found here. Next to Afrikaanderplein, there is a small botanical garden - maintained by the local inhabitants.

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