Most people associate 'Blijdorp' with 'Diergaarde Blijdorp', the Rotterdam Zoo. But the zoo is located in a district with the same name. The neighbourhood was built only a couple of years before World War II. Nowadays, the district is most known for the zoo, and the park Vroesenpark.

History of Blijdorp

Blijdorp has been constructed in the 1930's. After filling the channel 'Schie' it became possible to build the Blijdorp district. Not only residential areas were built. The Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) moved to a new location, in the west of the neighbourhood.

It took about ten years to build Blijdorp. Shortly after completion, the war broke out. However, Blijdorp was not affected too much during the bombing of Rotterdam.

After the war, there was a great need for housing. Many houseboats were produced. They could be built quickly. Today, many of these houseboats still remain. The houseboats are located on the channel 'Noorderkanaal'.

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