Rotterdam Centrum is a modern and trendy city centre. There is a lot of modern architecture. Some buildings, like 'De Markthal' and the 'Cube Houses' are even world famous. The city centre of Rotterdam is perfect for a shopping weekend. In Rotterdam Centrum, you can even find Europe's first car-free shopping street.

History Rotterdam Centre

The first houses were built in 1270, around a Dam in the river 'Rotte'. A small town arose here. The people mainly lived from fishing. But soon, the first harbours were built, and Rotterdam became a port city. Trading became the main source of income.

A major event in the history of Rotterdam is the bombing of the city in 1940. Almost all parts of the city centre were destroyed. As a result, the Dutch government capitulated and the Germans ruled over The Netherlands. But after the war, the city centre was quickly restored.

Activities and Sightseeing

When arriving in Rotterdam, you will quickly notice the many shopping streets. 'De Lijnbaan' is one of those streets. It was the first shopping street in Europe that was car-free. Also popular, but way younger is the shopping area 'Beurstraverse', which most people known as 'De Koopgoot'. It is a sub-surfaced shopping mall under the avenue Coolsingel.

Around Blaak, you can find a few popular icons of Rotterdam. We're talking about 'De Markthal' and the Cube Houses. Nearby, you can also find Laurenskerk, a church that dates back to the middle ages. From its tower, you can have a look over Rotterdam Centrum.

You can easily get to the city centre by public transport. In the city centre, there are two stations: Rotterdam Central Station and Blaak. There are also many tram and metro stops. Almost all of the lines stop at the shop 'Beurs', which is situated in the heart of the city.

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