Covid-19: Cancelled events & Information

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The Dutch Government introduced far-reaching measures in response to the coronavirus epidemic. Across the country, events will be cancelled and attractions shut their doors due to a ban on large gatherings.

Most measures will remain in place until April 6th.

An overview of closures caused by the measures against the coronavirus.


Public Transport

Other measures

  • Weekly markets will be cancelled during the next two weeks.
  • All libraries have been closed.

We will update this overview on a daily basis.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Rotterdam

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Cupid is around the corner! 14 February is the day when people show their love and affection, most of the times with presents, flowers or chocolate. Restaurants are crowded and stores sell valentine’s gifts. We will give some tips and tricks to make this day a special day for you and your loved ones.

Love Forever

Some couples immortalize their love for each other with a (matching) tattoo. Popular is the name of the partner, the date when they first met or a matching heart and arrow with the initials.
Valentine’s Day is a popular day to propose, especially after a romantic dinner at candlelight and some nice music.

Valentine’s Dinner Cruise

Spido offers a special late-night cruise on the Maas. During a boat tour through Rotterdam, you and your partner can enjoy a 3-course dinner and listen to live acoustic music. To make your evening even more pleasant, a delicious selection of wines are included with the dinner.

Married for one day

On the 9th of February, you can get married for one day at the Markthal. It’s like a real wedding, but without the official rules. Access is free and signing up is not necessary.

Outside the Markthal, you and your love can place a lock on the ‘Love Fence’. Engrave, or write your names on a lock and, for example, the date on which you met.

In the Markthal, there are restaurants and bars where you can wine and dine with your valentine. Some of the restaurants offer a special Valentine’s Dinner to mark this special day.

Guide: The National Fireworks at Erasmusbrug

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Rotterdam celebrates the new year with a big show at the Erasmusbrug. Here you can enjoy Hollands’ largest fireworks display, accompanied by good music and entertainment.

Are you planning to visit the ‘National Fireworks’, in Rotterdam? In this guide, we gathered relevant information that might be of use during your visit.

Broadcasting on Dutch Television

Are you celebrating new years eve elsewhere? You don’t have to miss the show! The ‘National Fireworks’ will be broadcasted on four Dutch tv channels: RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7 and RTL 8.

Getting to the National Fireworks

Will you be spending New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam? Keep in mind that the regular public transport services will be out of service after 20:00h. The only exception is a special metro service, which will be free of charge.

Special Metro Service
Between 22:00h and 01:30h two metro lines will be in service, departing every 10 to 20 minutes. The metros will only stop on stations listed below. Please note that it is forbidden to bring any fireworks onto the metro, even when in the package.

Metro Rotterdam, New Years Eve 2019-2020
During NYE 2019/2020, two underground lines are open between 22:00 and 01:30h.

Travel to Beurs or Wilhelminaplein
During New Year’s Eve, Leuvehaven station will be closed. Guests, who visit the National Fireworks can exit at Beurs station. If you travel on the E line, Wilhelminaplein station is nearest to the Erasmusbrug.

New Years Eve in Rotterdam

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Celebrate the beginning of the new year in a spectacular way. In Rotterdam, you can enjoy the countries largest, and most beautiful fireworks show.

‘The National Fireworks Show’ takes place at the bridge Erasmusbrug, and consists of music performances and the large fireworks show. Before midnight, you can enjoy music and entertainment. One of the performances is a special composition that will be played by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

When 2019 runs out, the countdown begins, and there will be a large firework show in front of the bridge. We advise to be a little early, to find a good stop. Around the bridge, it usually gets very crowded.

A few good spots to see the fireworks are Buizenpark, Willemskade, or Maastunnelpark. The observation tower Euromast is further away, but from up there you will have a beautiful overview of the fireworks show.

The rest of the night, you can join one of the many parties. Are you looking for a good party? We list most New Years Eve parties here.

Public Transport on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, most trains, metro’s, trams and buses run only until 20:00h. But there will be two special metro lines from 22:00h till 02:00h. These run between Meijersplein and Slinge, and between Vijfsluizen and Capelsebrug. These special metro services will be free of charge.

Black Friday Shopping in Rotterdam

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The fourth Friday of November, many shops in Rotterdam offer special deals with large discounts. This yearly ‘shopping-madness’ originates from the USA, and became popular in The Netherlands a few years ago. Big webshops quickly adopted the American tradition, but now the vast majority of companies in Rotterdam participate. 

Where to find Black Friday Deals?

In Rotterdam there are many stores that participate in Black Friday. Normally, most stores are open till 21:00h, but at Black Friday many stores are open an hour longer, till 22:00h.

Rotterdam has many places where you can go shopping. Most popular is the city centre. There, you can find many popular shopping streets like the Koopgoot, the Lijnbaan, and the Coolsingel. In other areas of Rotterdam, you can find the indoor shopping centres Alexandrium and Zuidplein.

Why is the day called ‘Black’ Friday?

In the USA, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Most people are free from work, and therefore the Friday is a perfect day for buying Christmas presents. Because there are so many people in the city, the streets look ‘black’ from above. That is the reason behind the name ‘Black Friday’.

Christmas Markets in Rotterdam

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It’s the last month of the year, and Rotterdam is full of Christmas spirit. Lights and decoration adorn the streets, and in many places, you can find decorated Christmas trees. Now you can get in the Christmas mood too.

This holidays season, Rotterdam offers many Christmas markets. Find great gifts, shop Christmas decorations, or warm-up yourselves with a hot meal or some mulled wine. We listed most Christmas markets that you can find in Rotterdam this November and December.

This seasons Christmas markets

We start off with some Scandinavian Christmas Markets. The Scandinavian ‘sailor’s churches’ in the city organize traditional markets with Scandinavian Christmas products and cultural food.

Norwegian Christmas market

In the Norwegian Church (Sjømannskirken) you can visit their yearly Christmas market that has a cosy atmosphere. At the market, you can eat typical Norwegian foods such as smørbrød and buy gifts and stuff to decorate your house. Among the products, there are Norwegian sweaters, jewellery, and craftsmen work. The market will be held November 7-10th, and 16-17th.

Swedish Christmas market

The traditional Swedish Christmas market will be held in the Scottish Church. At the market, you have the opportunity to buy Christmas decorations, such as glass decorations, cards, clothes and much more. The market will be held November 22-23rd.

Finnish Christmas market

Every year, The Finnish House (Suomen Merimieskirkko) organises the Finnish Christmas market. The market will be held in November 21-24th, and from November 28th till December 1st.

Danish Christmas market

A few minutes walk from metro station Coolhaven, you’ll find the Danish church Sømandskirken. Here you can experience the Danish ‘julehygge’ (Christmas cosiness). Enjoy typical Danish food and drinks, like Danish pastry and breads. And there is the possibility to do some Christmas shopping. The entrance is free of charge, and the profit will be donated to the church. You can visit the Danish Christmas Market on November 15-17th, and November 23-24th.

Winter Fair

The Winter Fair is an indoor winter event which takes place annually in Ahoy. It is a nice day out for all ages. There are many stands with Christmas decorations and refreshments, workshops to follow and shows, or demonstrations to attend. This year, the Winter Fair is held from 5 till 8 December. The entrance fee is approximately 15 Euro.

Christmas market at Trompenburg Gardens

This year a Christmas market with approximately 50 stands will be held in Trompenburg Gardens. Here you can purchase Christmas decorations, clothes, wickerwork and much more. Refreshments will be sold at the market and the cafe. The Christmas market at the Trompenburg Gardens is held 13-15th December. Entrance is approximately 10 Euro.