The Artists of ‘Rotterdam 2020’

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Artists to be revealed

There are still many countries missing in this article. Most participating countries are still busy with the selection process. In many countries, the broadcaster organises pre-selection contests. They do this in Sweden, where they have ‘Melodifestivalen’, a very popular pre-selection contest with multiple rounds and semi-finals.

In other countries, a jury decides which artist is gonna represent the country. In The Netherlands, this has been the procedure for the last couple of years. And with success, Duncan Laurence brought home the contest!

All countries have to declare who is going to participate in Rotterdam before the song submission deadline, on the 8th of March.

All participants

For the fans, the ‘Eurovision Season’ already starts long before a new contest. From autumn till early spring, the participating broadcasters select the artists that will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest. In some countries, the general public gets to cast their votes, in other counties a jury will be selecting the best performers.

The selection process for this year’s song contest in Rotterdam is well underway. Until this date, the artists of 7 countries have been revealed, and we know the song title for two of the countries. By March 9th, all songs will have been submitted.


Albania will be represented by Arilena Ara after she won the pre-selection final of Festivali I Këngës. In Rotterdam, she will perform her song called ‘Shaj’. The song can be described as a melancholic power ballad.

Albania has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004. The highest position that Albania received since then, is the 5th place. Will Arilena Ara do better?


After the national selection show Depi Evratesil 2020 the winner will be joining for Armenia in Rotterdam 2020. This year it will be Athena Manoukian with her song ‘Chains On You‘.


The 24-year old Montaigne will perform her song ‘Don’t Break Me‘ in Rotterdam in 2020.


In December, the Austrian broadcasting company ÖRF announced that Vincent Bueno will represent Austria. They also announced the track’s title. But patience is needed, as the song will not be released until just before Eurovision’s song submission deadline, in March.

All we can tell now is that Austria’s song is gonna be named ‘Alive’ and that the singer has been trying to compete in the song contest before. In 2016, Vincent Bueno participated in ‘Wer singt für Österreich’ with the song ‘All we need is that love’. That year, Zoë got to represent the country with the song ‘l’oin d’ici’.


The first country to announce the participate was Belgium. The band is called Hooverphonic and consists of the following band members; Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts en Luka Cruysberghs. Alex and Raymond are the original band members since 1995. Over the years different female singers have joined and left the group. Luka joined Hooverphonic in 2018, a year after she won the Voice of Vlaanderen. The song they will perform is called ‘Release Me‘.


The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) announced their act in a press conference in Sofia. This female singer became popular after her participation in the X Factor Bulgaria, her name is Victoria Georgieva. The stage name is VICTORIA. Her first studio album will come out in 2020. All eyes are on her this year, after Bulgaria being absent in 2019.


Alessandro Rütte will represent Cyprus. The singer was born in Germany and his parents are American and Greek. His stage name is Sandro. He will perform with his song ‘Running‘.

Czech Republic

Benny Cristo is this year’s entry for the Czech Republic. His song is called Kemama.


This year France will send the 30-year old singer Tom Leeb. His song is called ‘The Best in Me‘. Tom is also an actor and comedian. His first album was released at the end of 2019.


Tornike Kipiani is a 31-year old singer from Georgia who is known of his participation in the Georgian X-factor in 2014. His nickname is Kipo. His song will be announced later this year.


Stefania represents Greece but was originally from the Dutch city Utrecht. Her song is called ‘SUPERG!RL‘.


Eden Alene is this years entry. She won with her powerful voice and electrifying performances.


This year Italy sends singer/songwriter Antonio Diodato. He won the Italian Sanremo after he participates two times before. He wrote ‘Fai Rumore‘ with the help of Edwin Roberts.


Samanta Tīna with her song ‘Still Breathing‘ will perform this year in Rotterdam for her country Latvia.


The Roop consist of Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas and
Mantas Banišauskas. The song is called ‘On Fire‘.


Destiny Chukunyere will be singing her song this year in The Netherlands.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia never won the Eurovision Song Contest but did participate twenty times. For this year Vasil will perform proudly a song for his country. Born in Strumica, Macedonia, the 35-year old singer began his musical career from the age of 7 in a children’s’ choir and performed at musical festivals. After he moved with his parents for a few years he returned to his home country in 2018.


The entry will be picked at the Live show of Norway’s programme Melodi Grand Prix 2020 (MGP). The winner Ulrikke Brandstorp will join in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam 2020 with her song ‘Attention‘.


20-year old Roxen will represent Romania this year.


The second country who announced their entry was Spain. The Spanish singer Blas Cantó is popular with the public. In 2011 he participated with the successful band Auryn, but finished second with their song Volter, and didn’t go to Germany that year. His song is called ‘Universo‘.

The Netherlands

In January the host country announced their entry for the Eurovision 2020. Musical talent Jeangu Macrooy will represent The Netherlands. Last year Duncan Laurence won, so the bar is set up high. Jeangu has a uniquely warm sound and an international appearance. He sings from the heart and will never perform a song he does not support.

Happy New Year! Rotterdam in 2020.

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Happy new year to all, from us at 123Rotterdam! We hope you enjoyed new years eve. In Rotterdam, 2020 kicked off with large fireworks shows at Erasmusbrug, Nesselande, and Hook of Holland. At Nesselande beach, many courageous people dove into the cold water to celebrate the start of the new year.

New Year’s Dive, Nesselande Beach

Let’s look ahead into the coming 366 days. The event programme is filled with loads of festivals, exhibitions, and sporting events. In 2020, we can look forward to Rotterdam’s usual yearly events like the Marathon of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Unlimited, and the World Port Days. And 2020 will offer many new events too: the new festivals ‘I love Urban’, ‘Parkzicht Outdoor’ and ‘Weelde Festival’ will be held this year.

Eurovision Song Contest

The absolute highlight for Rotterdam this year, will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Forty-one countries will participate in the song contest, that will be broadcasted to more than 200 people worldwide. Rotterdam Ahoy will host the nine shows, including two semi-finals and the Grand Final. The official afterparties, ‘the Euroclub’ will be hosted in the Maassilo.

Rotterdam Marathon

This year, the Marathon of Rotterdam will celebrate it’s 40th birthday. Because of the jubilee, the programme of the Marathon will be extra festive. On the other hand, there will be no big changes in the parcours of the race. And like in the last years, the Marathon will start at the foot of the bridge Erasmusbrug.