Happy New Year! Rotterdam in 2020.

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Happy new year to all, from us at 123Rotterdam! We hope you enjoyed new years eve. In Rotterdam, 2020 kicked off with large fireworks shows at Erasmusbrug, Nesselande, and Hook of Holland. At Nesselande beach, many courageous people dove into the cold water to celebrate the start of the new year.

New Year’s Dive, Nesselande Beach

Let’s look ahead into the coming 366 days. The event programme is filled with loads of festivals, exhibitions, and sporting events. In 2020, we can look forward to Rotterdam’s usual yearly events like the Marathon of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Unlimited, and the World Port Days. And 2020 will offer many new events too: the new festivals ‘I love Urban’, ‘Parkzicht Outdoor’ and ‘Weelde Festival’ will be held this year.

Eurovision Song Contest

The absolute highlight for Rotterdam this year, will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Forty-one countries will participate in the song contest, that will be broadcasted to more than 200 people worldwide. Rotterdam Ahoy will host the nine shows, including two semi-finals and the Grand Final. The official afterparties, ‘the Euroclub’ will be hosted in the Maassilo.

Rotterdam Marathon

This year, the Marathon of Rotterdam will celebrate it’s 40th birthday. Because of the jubilee, the programme of the Marathon will be extra festive. On the other hand, there will be no big changes in the parcours of the race. And like in the last years, the Marathon will start at the foot of the bridge Erasmusbrug.