Black Friday Shopping in Rotterdam

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The fourth Friday of November, many shops in Rotterdam offer special deals with large discounts. This yearly ‘shopping-madness’ originates from the USA, and became popular in The Netherlands a few years ago. Big webshops quickly adopted the American tradition, but now the vast majority of companies in Rotterdam participate. 

Where to find Black Friday Deals?

In Rotterdam there are many stores that participate in Black Friday. Normally, most stores are open till 21:00h, but at Black Friday many stores are open an hour longer, till 22:00h.

Rotterdam has many places where you can go shopping. Most popular is the city centre. There, you can find many popular shopping streets like the Koopgoot, the Lijnbaan, and the Coolsingel. In other areas of Rotterdam, you can find the indoor shopping centres Alexandrium and Zuidplein.

Why is the day called ‘Black’ Friday?

In the USA, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Most people are free from work, and therefore the Friday is a perfect day for buying Christmas presents. Because there are so many people in the city, the streets look ‘black’ from above. That is the reason behind the name ‘Black Friday’.