The grey coloured bascule bridge 'Erasmusbrug' is one of Rotterdam's main highlights. The bridge is a named after the Dutch priest and humanist Erasmus and is one of the most photographed sights in Rotterdam.

The bridge 'Erasmusbrug' is 800 meters long, 139 meters high and has a 130-meter high pylon that holds ca. 40 steel cables. Architect Ben van Berkel designed the bridge in 1996. With his design, he managed to give the area a strong and modern character. It worked out very well.

’De Erasmusbrug’ spans over the river 'De Nieuwe Maas' and is the main connection between the centre of Rotterdam and the Kop van Zuid district. The bridge opened in 1996 and quickly became the nicknames 'the swan' or 'the harp'.

From the bridge, one can overlook the skyline of the city, while on the other side there is a view over ‘Kop van Zuid’, where the De Rotterdam, The Link and the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal are situated.

Fifteen minutes before sunrise, the Erasmusbrug gets illuminated with white lights. But on special occasions, another colour, or a rainbow pattern is used. This is often done on national holidays, or to celebrate, or commemorate something. To keep the sight of a coloured ‘Erasmusbrug’ unique, the bridge only gets illuminated with other colours up to 30 times per year.

Taking pictures of Erasmusbrug

Make Some beautiful pictures of Erasmusbrug when standing on footbridge ‘1241’ at the southern embankment. Or go to the opposite side from Erasmusbrug, to Leuvehoofd Park. There you can take photos of the bridge with beautiful flowers in front of it. Another option is to take photos from the bridge when sailing by. From the water, you probably have the best angle.

Get to 'Erasmusbrug'

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