Boat Excursion to Kinderdijk

From the start of spring, until late in autumn, ship operator ‘Rebus’ sails to the Windmills of Kinderdijk. During an excursion of approximately 4 hours, you will sail to Kinderdijk onboard the vessel Nehalennia and visit the windmills of Kinderdijk for 1,5 hours. While sailing on the rivers de Maas and de Lek the staff will tell about the surroundings.

Once the boat arrives in Kinderdijk you will have 1,5 hours to visit the Unesco World Heritage site with the 19 windmills. There you can walk or bike between the windmills and get to visit one. This windmill is transformed into a museum. Here, you can learn about the history and get a view over Kinderdijk from the windmills’ top.


Boarding takes place at Boompjeskade, on the northern embankment between the bridges ‘Erasmusbrug’ and ‘Willemsbrug’. Also located at the Boompjeskade is the statue ‘De Boeg‘, a memorial monument of all the fallen sailors during the second world war.

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Entrance fee Boat Excursion to Kinderdijk

Regular ticket fee
General Admission
€ 15.00
4-11 years
€ 10.00