The RotterTram

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The RotterTram is a restaurant on rails. The historic tram that was built in 1969 was transformed into a driving restaurant. The tram has space for up to 44 persons. You must reserve a table in advance.

The tour will take 1,5-2 hours and will lead you along various hotspots in the city centre. The exact route depends on the availability of the tracks.

Depending on the time of the day, catering partner Ad Janssen will either serve a three-course lunch or a high-quality four-course dinner.

Special Occasions

RotterTram’s chef serves a customised menu’s during special events.

RotterTram Peking Express

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, passengers of the RotterTram can enjoy an eight-course dinner. The number of eight is chosen because, in China, eight is a lucky number. During the two-hour ride through Rotterdam, the chef serves Chinese food that chef Ad Janssen prepares together with his Chinese partners. And of course, the tram will be decorated in Chinese style.

Practical Information

Departure Point

RotterTram departs from Willemsplein, which is near the northern foot of the Erasmusbrug. Both Spido and the Waterbus are located here. You can travel to Willemsplein with tram 7. Alternatively, you can take a metro or tram to Leuvehaven, and walk from there.

Making a reservation

Would you like to dine in the RotterTram? You can book a table online.

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Entrance fee The RotterTram

Regular ticket fee
General Admission
€ 79.00
2,5 hour tour incl. 4-course diner.
General Admission
€ 49.95
1,5 hour tour incl. 3-course lunch.