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Walking in Rotterdam

Walking in Rotterdam

Even though Rotterdam is a world city, it's still compact enough to discover most of the city on foot. Most highlights are located within the city centre or are reachable within a thirty-minute walk. On this page, we share some ideas for a beautiful stroll.

A walk along the skyline

When the weather is fine, we recommend a walk around the river Nieuwe Maas. This route will lead you along Rotterdam's most iconic bridges, modern high-rise buildings, and picturesque locations. We recommend starting your walk at Blaak Station, Leuvehaven, or Wilhelminaplein. From one of these stations, you can walk across the bridges Erasmusbrug and Willemsbrug, and explore Noordereiland and the Maritime District.

Walking in the Entrepot District and Kop van Zuid District can be very nice too. Several skyscrapers, like Maastoren, De Rotterdam, New Orleans and Manhattan will leave you breathless. Most of the buildings in this part of the city are very modern, with some exceptions there. When you need a break, you could visit the Rotterdam Food Halls.

Walking & Shopping

Another option is to walk in the city centre. You could start off at Rotterdam Central Station. From there you can walk to the crossroads and continue walking towards Schouwburgplein. There is Korte Lijnbaan, the first shopping street you will meet.

Once you are in the city centre, you continue walking over the Lijnbaan, towards 'De Koopgoot', a sub-surfaced shopping street. After crossing 'De Koopgoot', you can follow Hoogstraat to end up at Blaak. There, you can find 'De Markthal', the Central Library and the Cube Houses.

Historical walks

Large parts of Rotterdam were wiped away during the bombings in WWII. However, some districts suffered less damage. One of these places is Delfshaven, where you can get a feel of how life was before the war. In this area, you can walk around channels, and see the beautiful old windmill 'Distilleerketel', the church 'Pelgrimvaderskerk' and some old warehouses.

Art walks

There are many museums in Rotterdam. The best part is, that most museums are situated close to each other, in Museumpark. In this area, you can find some of Rotterdam's finest museums, including the Kunsthal, Boijmans van Beuningen, and Natuurhistorisch Museum.

Statues are spread all over the city, but there is one route in particular, where you walk by a large number of statues. This route is called 'De Beeldenroute'. It can be found at Westersingel.

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