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Mini-golf in Rotterdam

Mini-golf in Rotterdam

Challenge your friends in a game of mini-golf. Keep track of the scores, and try to beat the opponents, or just play for fun.

In Rotterdam, mini-golf can be played by any type of weather. When the sun shines you can play on outdoor mini-golf courses. Does it rain? Then there’s glow golf, a new game that's played inside.

Glow Golf

A game of Glow Golf can be played with any type of weather. This relatively new kind of mini-golf is played indoors, in a darkened room where only the balls and courses light up.
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Outdoor Mini-golf

If you fancy playing mini-golf outside, there is a golf course near the observation tower Euromast. 'Midget Golfbaan Parkhaven' is located at a beautiful location, at the border of ‘The Park’.
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