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Ice Skating in Rotterdam

Ice Skating in Rotterdam

During the winter months, you can test your ice skating skills. In Rotterdam, there use to be two ice skating rinks. And when the weather plays along, there could even be a few days where ice skating is possible on natural ice.

If you want to go ice skating in Rotterdam, there are two locations to choose from. Either, you could go ice skating on the small ice skating rink close to the city centre, or choose the large ice skating rink in the east of the city.

IJsvrij Festival

Are you looking for a place to go ice skating near the city centre? Between December 19th and January 20th the ‘IJsvrij Festival’ is back in town. This year the festival is held at a new location, on Plein 1940. The organizers built an ice skating rink around ‘De Verwoeste Stad’, one of Rotterdam most important monuments.

IJsvrij Festival is held until the 12th of January. The festival location is situated close to Beurs metro station. All metro lines stop at this station.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam

Every year, you can enjoy ice skating at 'Schaatsbaan Rotterdam' in the east of Rotterdam. There are three skating rinks: a 400-meter long track, a fun track, and a curling rink.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is situated a 5-min walk from tram stop Nesserdijk. Both lines 21 and 24 stop here. The travel time between Rotterdam's City Centre and Nesserdijk is roughly 15 minutes.

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