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Cycling in Rotterdam

Cycling in Rotterdam

With over 500km of bikeways, Rotterdam is a very cycling-friendly city. Getting around the city is easy, and cycling is a perfect way to discover the city and its surroundings.

On this page, you will find information about Rotterdam's bicycle network, renting bicycles, and the most important legislation.

Navigating in Rotterdam

When cycling in Rotterdam, finding your way is simple. The signs are easy to understand. But when you are not familiar with district names, it is best to plan ahead. Online, you can plan your route using the easy to understand point-to-point network. With this network, you don't have to worry about street or district names.

Signposts for cyclists
Signs with red colours are meant for cyclists.

How does the point-to-point network work?

Rotterdam's cycle network consists of junctions. You can find them at the most-used bikeways. Each junction has a unique number. When planning your route, you write down the numbers of the crossings you plan to pass. When cycling, you simply follow these numbers shown on signs like the one below.

Point-to-point network sign
Green signs show numbers that refer to junctions in the point-to-point network.

Where to rent a bicycle?

Don't worry if you can not bring your own bicycle. There are numerous alternatives available. You could either rent a bicycle or make use of a bicycle-sharing system.


If you will be making a few, short rides (less than half an hour) the best option is to become a member of a bike-sharing system. You simply download an app, pay a deposit with your credit card and unlock the bike using your phone. You will be charged on a per-ride or per-minute basis.

Some of the bike-sharing systems in Rotterdam are:
- Donkey (park almost everywhere, pay per 15 minutes, the longer you ride, the cheaper it gets)
- Mobike (park almost everywhere, pay per 30 minutes)


There is also a huge number of 'classic' rental locations. When renting a bike here, the price is typically on a per-day basis. Expect to pay around €10-€15 per day for a normal type of bike. Rental prices for an e-bike are around €20-€30. Keep in mind that it's normal to pay a deposit before renting a bike.
- BimBim Bikes (Various locations)
- Zilt aan den Maas (Central Station)
- Zwaan Bikes (Groothandelsgebouw, near Central Station)


The Dutch railway company, NS, also offer bikes for rent. Their service is called 'OV-fiets'. You can rent a bike at most train stations, using a public transport chipcard named 'OV-chipkaart'. Before you can rent a bike, you will need to subscribe using this card, which costs €0,01 a year. Every time you rent a bike, you pay on a 24-hours basis.


There are many rules regarding cycling in The Netherlands. These are some of the most important rulings:

  • You may not ride next to each other with more than two bikes. If it hinders the traffic, cycle one after another.
  • It is forbidden to use - or even hold - electronic devices while cycling. This includes mobile phones.
  • Speed-pedelecs, fast e-bikes that can go up to 45km/h, are currently not allowed on the bicycle paths in most parts of Rotterdam.
Bike path sign
Bike paths are designated with a blue sign.
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