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Architecture in Rotterdam

Architecture in Rotterdam

Architects and experts from all over the world agree that Rotterdam is a leading city in the field of architecture and urban design. With upcoming tourism and future plans to build more and higher buildings, the skyline keeps on changing. In Rotterdam, we have a saying: "Take a picture today, tomorrow the city will be different". On this page, we present the most popular architectural highlights, hidden treasures and historic buildings with a story.


The bridge Erasmusbrug is one of the most iconic bridges. It connects the centre of Rotterdam with the southern districts. Erasmusbrug bridges the river Nieuwe Maas, which is a busy river with all the barge vessels, water taxis and leisure boats.
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The horseshoe-shaped Markthal at Blaak is very popular among tourists. An absolute highlight inside the Markthal is the very large and colourfull painting on the ceiling. The Markthal opened in 2014 and has become one of the most iconic buildings in the city centre.
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Rotterdam Centraal Station

Thousands of tourists and commuters travel to Rotterdam Central Station every day. The station has been voted one of the most beautiful stations in the Netherlands. The station has a very modern design with a many photographed asymmetric point at the front of the station. The biggest LED-screen of Europe with 5,142,528 lights stands out in the entrance hall.
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Cube Houses

Even though Rotterdam is not the only city with Cube Houses, the Cube Houses at Blaak are considered as one of the main icons of the city. The bright yellow cubes are located at Overblaak, across De Markthal.
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De Rotterdam

This multifunctional building is one of the largest and highest buildings in the city. De Rotterdam houses a hotel, offices, apartments and some facilities, such as a gym and bar. The building is located at. There you can find other architectural highlights Wilhelminapier, like Hotel New York, 'De Link' and the Cruise Terminal.
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The Luchtsingel is still a quite undiscovered place in the city. But, the bridge with yellow, wooden boards is a favourite spot among influencers. The Luchtsingel opened on the Day of Architecture in 2015 as a perfect place to take a selfie or two.
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De Hef

The old railway between Rotterdam and Dordrecht is now a national monument. Since the trains run through a tunnel, 'De Hef' is no longer needed and therefore out of business.
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